We want you to help co-create the innovative platform that is TripTalk. We are building a software with content creators, like you, for content consumers. Apply now for a chance to win £5000

TripTalk is the ultimate travel companion that allows to make awesome journals of your experience, alone or with friends.

A new

Triptalk is bridging the gap between blogging and social media. TripTalk is a new type of social media platform. Aimed at the maximization of engagement between content creators and content consumers, TripTalk’s new approach will allow a new level of experiential sharing.

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a Journal

Triptalk is about sharing your story. Ultimately, TripTalk allows you to create a digital travel journal to share with the world, where you can narrate the experience as a whole rather than through a myriad of single media sharing.

The third
of social

Triptalk is enhancing social media by drastically increasing engagement between content creators and content consumers. We create the third dimension of social media, through which you can become part of, and live, anyone’s experience.


The hype of a new trend and the extended network of mercury program members will boost the community very quickly. Mercury members will be privileged by the app to gain maximum exposure to incoming users, increasing chances of growing the follower base.

Be ahead

Being on the platform before anyone else, as a Mercury member you will be able to start creating content before anyone else. Make your profile already appealing at the time of the launch, before other influencers will have even joined the platform.

The Competition

Among the Mercury members, the influencer that achieves the highest number of followers in the first 6 months after the official launch of version 2.0 will be rewarded. A £5,000 trip for two people, all expenses covered by TripTalk, in a destination of your choice.


For the ‘runner ups’ of the competition, who perform greatly in growing their follower base but don’t quite make first place, there will be prizes as well! For example, multiple sponsorship opportunities and collaborations with partner organizations to make their content that much more fun.


Make sure you apply to the program by clicking on the button below! Prepare a short paragraph in support of your application.


Make sure to tell all of your influencer colleagues to apply as well. It would be a shame to miss this opportunity and the more people mention you as a referee, the more likely you are to win the prizes!


You will be expected to participate in the rounds of testing for new designs, features and projects for the TripTalk app. This will require appropriate and thorough testing with feedback to follow.

Grow the Community

When version 2.0 is launched, you will be able to create your own public profile on the TripTalk, inviting your existing followers to follow you on the new platform to gain exposure and take advantage of the new hype.

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